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Events & Entertainment

Inspired by the Latin word Singularis, which means unique and one-of-a-kind, Singularies with an added E factor is here to set an example in the event-management industry. The name exemplifies the company’s strong commitment to provide unparalleled service with a personal touch through its extensive service offerings.

Founded in the year 2016 by Harsh Sultania, a seasoned professional in the Event Industry, his constant belief lies in redefining the way events are conceptualized, managed, planned and organized.

Event is our language and we speak it fluently. We listen, we collaborate, and we deliver. You can always be sure we're keeping your objectives top-of-mind, and will work hard to translate them into every aspect of your event. Our experienced team understands the dynamics and intricacies of event execution, and is committed to creating experiences that you and your guests will never forget.

We work with the best event partners around, so we can arrange and bring everything together into one amazing experience.

Core Values


is central to our core values. “Success without Integrity is Failure” – The team at Singularies believes in this adage and conducts business that treats clients, employees and business partners, in a fair and honest manner by operating ethically and transparently


We will give our total commitment to the success of your event. From inception to delivery, our event managers will be on hand to listen and respond to your needs and ensure the smooth running of every aspect of your event. We make commitments with care, and live up to them.


Ever receptive to our clients' needs & cater to them with innovative solutions, responsiveness and professionalism with attention to the minutest of details. We constantly find ways to provide individualized service to each client and how we can go beyond to make their event a success...

Team Work

Our Core Values are rooted in the belief that a happy team will produce excellent work resulting in thrilled clients. Our experienced team understands the dynamics and intricacies of event execution, and is committed to creating experiences you will never forget..


We continuously learn and improve upon our performance, embrace new ideas and industry trends, find effective solutions to complex situations, and remain flexible in this ever evolving industry. Our out of the box ideas stand out and add X-factor to the event!


We foster good communication – It builds trust and a happy work place. We strive for Quick and clear communication with our clients, vendors and team without any ambiguity. Our focus is to ensure that every little detail has ben clearly put across the table.