Wedding Choreography

Treasure Your Spotlight Moment forever! .

Wedding Choreography
Shaadi Dance

Wedding Choreography

Weddings are special occasions, they represent a time of joy and celebration.

With Singularies plan spotless choreography for your closed ones bopping to the fantastic beats making your Sangeet an electrifying evening!! Making this evening special & entertaining requires hours of dance practices, coordination of steps, & selection of songs.

A close contemporary dance of two, bride tribe or grooms crew, family medley to making you sangeet ready, whatever be in your mind, if none, we have a list of suggestions lined. We are here to ensure your spotlight moment runs smooth, for the most important “dance of your life.”

Our wedding choreography is tailored to suit your ability, song and natural style. We promise to leave your surrounding echoing “ONCE MORE, ONCE MORE” each and every time.

Singularies can add the perfect icing to your cake.